More Parts Per Milijas

by Ace Bushy Striptease

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First single coming from our 5th album, Outside It's Cold Just Like The Inside Of Your Body And. Due out late October on Odd Box and Discount Horse.



Re: Dirk Kuyt.

Whether or not Dirk Kuyt actually 'sold out' is debatable, and I fear that I took the liberty of assuming he did for the purpose of a good rhyme. It actually transpires that Dirk is one of professional footballs' more admirable role models. He may have left FC Utrecht for Feyenoord after helping the former beat the latter in the Dutch Cup Final of 2003 but his career to date has largely been one of a steady progression, which one should perhaps attribute to ambition rather than greed. And far from indulging in purely materialistic pursuits that seem commonplace in the top levels of the sport, Dirk and his wife have set up the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, which has been organising sporting events for children with disabilities in the Netherlands and the developing world since 2006.

Apologies Dirk, for pasting you in the same dollar colour as most of yr contemporaries.


released August 1, 2012

Produced and recorded by 'Bad' Phil Booth at JT Soars, Nottingham. December 2011 and January 2012.

Mastered by Dominique James.

'Good Ass, New?' and 'More Parts Per Middle Ones' recorded by Andy Halford at Iglu Studios, Bewdley and mixed by Greg Bird. June 2011.




Ace Bushy Striptease Birmingham

From Birmingham England. Five piece diy pop-punk group. Short songs avoiding repetition. Girls crying into microphones.

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Track Name: More Parts Per Milijas
I know it's a bore
a metaphor with an international footballer
but if you gave me a chance
I'd score a thirty yard screamer

and I know sometimes I play like [I did at] Palace away
but with the right first touch I could make yr day

sometimes I'm dreaming of Red Star
sometimes I'm dreaming of Belgrade
but I hear they're pretty cold this time of year

sometimes when stuck in suburbia
it leaves me dreaming of Serbia
but I hear it's pretty cold this time of year

I know I'm flawed
full of mistimed tackles and dreadful cross-field balls
but every now and then I could ripple yr net

and I know three million seemed a lot at the time
but it's just a fraction of that ____ from the ____

I know I don't look like a superstar
no Torres, Owen or Cantona
but I hear they're doing pretty shit this year

I might lack the work ethic of Dirk Kuyt
but at least I haven't fucking sold out
and I hear he's doing pretty shit this year

I hope you know what I'm trying to say is
while I know there are way better players than me
they can't set you free

they'll always sing the songs of the strikers
but don't forget yr Serbian midfielder
don't forget me

there's more parts per Milijas
there's more parts per me
Track Name: Unfair
Ask SM.
Track Name: I Could Eat Sugar A Six-Year-Old Under The Table (@sleepssundays)
cats in the bathroom
cats in the shower
cats 'neat the rowel tail
staring at my cock

Miles eating sugar
Miles drinking coke
a six-year-old 'neath the table
staring at his cock
Track Name: Good Ass, New?
Ask Anna Knowles/Grace Denton.
Track Name: Big Trifle In Little Eyeball
spider in the bath
spider in the bath
creepy crawly creepy crawly
spider in the bath

eins zwei drei vier fünf sech sieben acht neun zehn elf zwölf un deux trois quatre cinq

I am in a shower
trying to avoid dick drip
less legs than required
to escape or end all this
Track Name: The Bournebrook Emancipation Pt. I
the roadworks have ground into a third calendar year
and I can see more girth but little else
we'll catch a sixty something from the city centre
it'll take as long again to pass the university

stuck staring in the window
it's late but still real busy

shopping basket full of emergency supplies
ready for the afternoon
the students are going to rise
corden off the Bristol Road
there's nothing but cones for miles and miles
they're waiting for the rugby team
to arrive in the uni mini bus
Track Name: More Parts Per Middle Ones
I know it's been done
to compare myself to a Middle One
but if you gave me a chance
I'd write the River Song

and I know those things I said in Bristol were awful
but if you'd let me I'd be yr Young Explorer

sometimes I'm dreaming of Norwich
sometimes I'm dreaming of Manchester
but I hear they're pretty cold this time of year

sometimes when stuck in suburbia
it leaves me wanting 'You Always Were'
there's nowhere else I'd rather be than here

I know I'm flawed
I can't really sing and my drumming's pretty poor
but every now and then we could tickle yr feet


and I know nine dates seemed a lot to start with
but now we're on the road
I could do this forever after

I know I don't look like a superstar
no Jeff Lewis, Michal or Nan Turner
but they don't know the lyrics to 'Things Grow There'

I might lack the work ethic of Adam Green
but at least I haven't got a fucking hareem
and I hear Macauley Culkin's going to hell

I know you only like guys who are nervous
but Grace yr clearly all over Eve
but she can't set you free

I know yr songs are already super
but don't forget yr Ace Bushy Striptease drummer
don't. forget. me.

there's more parts per middle ones
there's more parts per me