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Slurpt is the new album by Ace Bushy Striptease, released 30th June on Odd Box Records. Pre-order here: oddboxrecords.bandcamp.com/albums/slurpt/

Recorded by Bad Phil Booth at JT Soar, Nottingham. Mastered by Dominique James.


released June 30, 2014




Ace Bushy Striptease Birmingham

From Birmingham England. Five piece diy pop-punk group. Short songs avoiding repetition. Girls crying into microphones.

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Track Name: Winning Or Losing
can only sleep on trains if they're moving
trying to make out if that means anything
or if I'm just boring
and trying to make it mean something

Star Trek on mute with St Swithin’s Day playing
trying to work out if I'm winning or losing
or if I'm just boring
and trying to make this mean something

hiding away with real meaning
sticking by notions with no hope of convincing
while they slip away
one by one

just a boring boy
such a boring boy
never answers his phone
never checks his diary

could sit on this floor
and connect the fairy lights like moles on your neck
or drink this red
and fall asleep on it instead
Track Name: Danzig Queen
I get why you wanted a rest
you were tired
now I'm tired of waiting
through lies I spotted a truth
it fell down
right beside you

this part of me’s like that part of her
we were tied
we grew new skin at the same time
bullshit you know which is my truth
except for this
it’s not like I do
Track Name: We Go To Houseparties And Hang Out By Ourselves
this is our life now
lying on floors
the drafts under doors
waking us early

we'll walk to town
the vapour clouds
lift from the night before

this time you're the tonic
and each night we're apart
feels like a wasted opportunity
we could be chatting in the dark

be born, be worm, be tired
love playing the game
now’s the time
my turny to leave
I was screaming from the pain

I'm tearing up I'm the baby
and my parents have both died
I'm an orphan in a world where
the hunter's homicidal

in your new car
driving circles around us
in a service station car park

filling up on samosas
and crisps
and that

we see the same people every year
but it still feels like we're going somewhere

we go to houseparties and hang out by ourselves
Track Name: Deer Doery
I'm not writing to myself
for my own health

just while I'm in a position to
stop myself making the same mistakes
I thought better thinking now than fretting later

need a mnemonic to get me through the day
Like Apples Use Great Heart To Exercise Restraint

try to live my life one page at a time
but I should just read to the end
never mind the challenge
and use this cheat sheet to win big

make her laugh
be inconsiderately charming
it'll be hard for her
to resist you

take her by the horns, so to speak
catch her stealing a glance
and you want to touch her white spots
stroke her back and tell her she's great

in the cinema, my deer hoof on her shoulder
I'm holding the popcorn and she reaches over

we both go in at the same time
though I only go to follow
I'm forcing a situation where
we fumble hooves together

I step back from the honey trap
and see what I am doing
I'm not the kind of buck
who tries his luck
with any tail going

I put my leg back to my side
stand up straight, apologise
and move on with my life
Track Name: "Peanut Butter Revolution"
“we're not complicit
everybody's doing it

let's give our information
to the corporations!

let's give up our paperbacks
upload them to our tablets!

let's subscribe to Sky
we'll get Goals On Sunday!

don't make us guilty
we all have to play it!”

but when the far right executive
deletes Ray Bradbury
don't tell me you appreciate the irony

and when the global conglomerates
eat all competition
don't tell me your fucking hungry

and when 'privacy' is history

you'll find me drowning in a bath of Yazoo
with the following carved into my torso

so this is why I quit
I know you'll hate me for it
but when the shit hits
don't pretend you weren't a part of it

you complain about the mice
but you never clean your kitchen
Track Name: Lou's Anxiety Song
why was he born so beautiful
the memory of him is a constant torment

when I think I'm being bold
but the letters are scrawny
when I know what you'll say back
but you don't say that
my skin's crawling

I take great strides
but every time I know my legs
will lose their structural integrity
I don't get up
you, me and LB are on the ground
bummed they don't appreciate complexity
Track Name: Cheek Next To Yours
trundling along the m40
into the vacant mocking gob of reality

you said this year was the year without regret
but you said that last year
and last year
and maybe I'm slowly starting to get it

and all I wanna do is
put my cheek next to yours
all of yours
all six of yours

and for there to be no implications
for there to be no sharing of information
put down your phones
unplug your mindsets
no photos no video
I just wanna put my cheek next to yours

there is nothing to say
and that's okay
I just wanna put my cheek next to yours
Track Name: Team Jess (Fuck Logan And Dean)
there’s condensation on the inside of the vase
the flowers started dying point away from where you are
the sun has not come up
autumn’s piled on in
struggling to find a place to hang my washing

turning the heating on
I want to feel something

pumping in the back of the van
shouting as loud as we can
all rats, all of time
it’s not driving fast, it’s driving with style

pushed in the lake to give us a place where we can start it
got my book back “Team Jess” scribbled in the margins
he may be taller but he’s got better hair
and a wild streak stretching from here to there

turn the tv on
I want to feel something
Track Name: Ibiza Rocks
dropped out of Yale
your most pressing concern
is getting the intercom working
your Birkin bag hangs on your arm
like your grandmother dragging you down

they're still to set a wedding date
as Rory Gilmore's autumn break
stretches towards a second semester

by the side of the road
kicking butt
and taking names
be more humble
you used to know when you were wrong
you used to hide it better

April comes and April stays
Rory gets her act together
and goes back to Yale
but in an ideal world
Rory, Lane and $9000
run away and join Jess in Philadelphia
Track Name: Eat My Dog
three ciders by the station
trying to ease the pain of a double relegation
seems as good a cue as any
to end these soccer eulogies

a sorry state of inebriation
trying to run in this sorry state of a nation
yet paper on the 14:46
screams Immigrant Scroungers Get Them Out Quick

another party rhetoric in a country run by pricks
let's get back to the football, fuck it

but some wolves fans sang as homophobes
whilst in response Brighton waved their ten pound notes
head in hands contemplating trips
to Vale Park and Gresty Road
is there no escape
you've ruined my escape
a great potential for social protest:
a cesspool of money and racial hate

so I run into the bookies
thinking here at least I’m lost at least I’m free
not noticing the CCTV
oblivious to the irony
those rum and colas weren't so sweet
and it's only 15:23
head in hands in the lavatory

singing to myself
after these ten units
I'm Dylan, Lacey, Prince and Gracie D
but people are looking at me funny
and these ugly thoughts come back to me

and I wish
I wish I wish
I wish they'd sung:

I'd rather be a scrounger than a liar
I'd rather be a scrounger
than setting people against each other
how are your hands not bloody with another hate crime murder?
and hey let's do what you say
let's give up our human rights for a day
cause these things don't matter, these things don't matter, do they
yeah, hi, hey let's do what you say
let's give up our workers rights for a share in a company
cause these things don't matter, these things don't matter, do they....

sorry to spell it out so simply
but it seems nobody wants to see
sure accuse me of hyperbole
but all I hear is property

put a dollar on my head
twist my face into a pound sign
quantify my thoughts and feelings
and eat my dog
Track Name: Eve's Adolescent Concerns ft. The Home Stretch
I'm crushin all the time
it's all I think about
I’m nausing myself hard
teach me to live without

I'm going outside
I'm lying there
getting bites all over.
my body parts
left half in the shade
right half not in the shade
feeling it for real
in my skin and in my eyes

you're recklessly
at home in my head
knocking over the furniture
and breaking the bed

I'm going outside
I’m walking there
getting bites all over
my body parts
holding onto vines
and scraping ankles
feeling it for real
in my arms and in my legs
Track Name: We Go To Houseparties And Slurp With Everyone There
from a night out
to hanging out
in a friendly houseshare
I'm sat down
you're complicit

you're happy now
I'm glad
I'm sorry for messing you around

tongues touching
we're in a compromised embrace
on the corner of sofa
struggling for space

if it wasn’t for the situation
I’d try harder to do right by you
you’re so beautiful
I’m the luckiest person here

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